Etchells Primary School - Woodland Project Part 1

Etchells Primary School - Woodland Project Part 1

I am always delighted to hear from people who have engaged with my work; be that at an exhibition, a personal connection with a piece of artwork, or as in this case, a class of 8-9 year olds from Etchells Primary School, who found my work online.

This year 4 class had been working on a woodland project and came across my collection of colourful paintings when searching for woodland animal images online.  They found one of my videos I made showing me splashing/blowing paint around to create one of my paintings. They must have liked what they watched because following that they completed a profile study of me (how cool is that?!!!). I am both honoured and humbled that the children were so inspired as I’m very passionate about making art accessible, and easy to engage with. It was great to hear from them, and how much fun they had been having.

I wrote some words of encouragement to the children and I was so surprised and of course delighted, to hear how excited all the children were to receive my letter.

I’ll be keeping in touch with the school over the coming weeks and months, as their project expands across the curriculum. Science lessons will involve blowing various types of paint with different straws (a very important part of my tool box!) as part of one of their experiments, and of course I can’t wait to hear more about their art lessons, where the children are creating their own animal paintings in my style.

Their lovely teacher has said how much everyone likes the vivid colours and patterns – music to my ears!

The first sketches are complete, and what a talented bunch they are! Some really great drawings so far, I can’t wait to see the finished results!

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