Etchells Primary School - Woodland Project Part 2

Etchells Primary School - Woodland Project Part 2

Wow, I can’t believe how quickly the children of Etchells Primary School have progressed with their artwork and the rest of their woodland project!

  • In preparation for their final paintings, the children practiced drawing the eyes of lots of different animals; hares, robins, badgers and stags, to name but a few. They also doodled some geometric lines and shapes to give them some ideas of what they might like to add to their painting later on.


In particular I was very impressed with the eyes that they drew. Eyes, the windows in to the soul if you like, show a lot about the character of both people and animals, and I think that the children did a really good job of looking at the shapes in all the different types of eyes, and recreating that in their own drawings.

Paint found its way into science this week too. Blowing thick and thin mixtures of paints with different sized straws proved to be fun and messy experiment I’m told.


It sounds like the children are taking like ducks to water splashing the paint around and having a great time. Although the classroom cleaner may not be my biggest fan now!

Each table has been given a different animal to focus on for their artwork and the results are brilliant so far, I think I may have some competition! Each child sketched out their animal first, then brought it to life with some colour and splashes of paint. They have been using straws to control their paint, just like I do in the studio.

I cannot wait to see the finished paintings, all that is left to do now is add their geometric patterns over the top and judging by their doodles we’re in for a treat.

This wonderful class are providing me with such joy, seeing all their hard work. I’d love to visit, but unfortunately I’m busy preparing for an exhibition at the moment, so next week I’m going to video call them. I am so excited! I can’t wait to speak to everyone and see their final paintings. I’m not sure if they know yet, or if it is being kept a surprise. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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