Etchells Primary School - Woodland Project Part 3

Etchells Primary School - Woodland Project Part 3

The children are all close to finishing their paintings now, and those that have been able to complete them already have done a brilliant job! I am really looking forward to seeing the rest too once they are done.

When was first in contact with the class I never could have imagined how brilliantly their paintings would turn out. I think taking their time to look at the detail in the eyes of different animals, and practice drawing their geometric patterns has really paid off!

I can't wait for children's exhibition - I'll be dropping in by video to see them all and say hi! I'm going to make sure we have plenty of time for the children to ask lots of questions, and I in turn have some questions for them too!


I hope all of the children have enjoyed creating their paintings as much as I have enjoyed looking at them all. Their next project is to create a hedgehog in my style (I have had a couple of requests for hedgehogs, so maybe I’ll take inspiration from the children if I paint one!) and I certainly can’t wait to see their finished results.



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