Jasper The Friendly Labrador

Jasper The Friendly Labrador

I’ve been wanting to write about Jasper, a beautiful chocolate lab, for a while now. Welcoming the Chinese New Year recently and with it the year of the dog was just the reminder that I needed.

Our paths crossed when Jasper’s Mum and Dad commissioned a painting of him for their 30th wedding anniversary. No pressure there then! A magnificent celebration anyway, but then I discovered that Jasper was not only the couple’s only dog, but also their first!

It is always such an honour to be asked to paint any commission, but especially when I am asked to capture the character of such a loved tail-wagger. It can be quite a challenge to paint a family member, trying to encapsulate their temperament and attributes with paint. It’s a very personal painting for the customer, and so rewarding and emotional when they first see their doggy immortalised as a painting for the first time, something very special, and I am honoured to be a part of it.

Jasper, like so many dogs, loves to be out and about walking. He’s still only young so he shouldn’t be walking too far just yet, but he is practising at the moment for one very special walk later this year! (I’ll tell you more about that soon).

This is just a little snippet to introduce you to Jasper. I’ll keep writing (now I’ve started I promise I’ll keep going with it) over the next few weeks about Jasper’s exciting walk, the painting of him, and his love of snow, among many other things!

A big thank you to Jasper of course, but also to his Mum and Dad for introducing me to such a lovely bouncy dog, and their help with this blog!

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