Mother's Day!

Mother's Day!

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up on the 13th of May. Of course, Mother’s Day is not only for mothers, it is a day to honor and celebrate all the women in our lives who possess maternal qualities. It goes without saying that we should honor and celebrate these wonderful women every day. But Mother’s Day gives us an opportunity to go above and beyond the normal pale of celebration, to go that extra mile in conveying our love. Have you bought your Mother’s Day gift yet?  If not I can help you out, I’ve got a range of wall art and gifts perfect for art and wildlife lovers alike. I thought you might like to know a little bit about the history of Mother’s Day, and more about the characters behind my art, so here you go;

Mother’s Day History

The origins of Mother’s Day can be traced back to the ancient Romans and Greeks. However, the earliest Christian celebration of the day fell on the fourth Sunday of Lent, referred to as “Mothering Sunday.” Servants would be allowed to return home for this occasion and attend their hometown (or ‘mother’) churches for special services.

In time, Mothering Sunday morphed into its current secular form, as a day when, primarily, children honor their mothers with gifts like flowers (and artwork!). This custom was eventually absorbed into the American Mother’s Day.

We owe our modern official Mother’s Day holiday to Anna Jarvis, and American who conceived the idea to honor her mother after she passed away in 1905. The first Mother’s Day was celebrated privately in 1908. Jarvis then fought for the holiday to be included in the US calendar, succeeding in 1908. 

Choose out of a wide assortment of characters

I don’t just paint any wildlife. Each animal has their own character and personality, and their backstory gives you a little glimpse into their exciting lives. When choosing your Mother’s Day gift, you can look at these character backstories, choose the one you think is ideally suited for you, and make a gift out of it. If the woman you want to give a gift to is simultaneously alert and relaxed, you may want to go for Amber the cunning fox, who camouflages her watchful nature behind a tranquil and serene exterior. If, on the other hand, the woman you want to celebrate is queen of her castle, you may want to consider Florence the sheep, who plays fun and whimsical games with her gang, but keeps her perch on the top of a rocky outcrop.


The artwork comes on a host of different products

If you want a painting you can hang in one of your rooms and make a statement, you can go for one of my canvas prints. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for something a bit smaller (and more affordable), you can purchase one of my fine art prints. I also sell calendars and ceramic mugs with my artwork on them. These can be great as decoration pieces. You can even drink your coffee or other hot beverages out of my ceramic mugs, if you don’t mind sharing with a suave badger or friendly squirrel.

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