The Name's Bruce

The Name's Bruce

You all seemed to enjoy hearing about Jasper, so I thought I’d tell you about Bruce, another lovely dog who I have had the honour of painting!

Bruce is a fun loving Border Collie who enjoys walking in the fells, playing with sticks, saying hello to new people, and walking in the fells some more. He’s also partial to a dip in any nearby water, lakes, becks and streams are all great for standing in and cooling off after all that walking!

He also enjoys a peaceful snooze in the garden, occasionally opening an eye to watching little birds hop around him. All sounds very Disney-esque doesn’t it? Well it is, unless these birds happen to be pigeons or crows. Bruce isn’t fond of these and suddenly everything isn’t so serene!

Along with pigeons and crows he isn’t a fan of grey squirrels either. Bruce is more than happy to encounter red squirrels though. Felicity resides with his family and she must have made a good impression on him, much to the relief of Cyril and Percy.

Being brushed isn’t on his list of favourite things either, but with all the adventures Bruce likes to go on it is unfortunately somewhat of a necessity.

Bruce’s parents came to one of my open days, already having had Gladys and Felicity join them in their home, and then decided to commission a picture of the lovely Bruce!

I was, as I always am when someone would like a commission, absolutely thrilled to be asked to paint Bruce, and couldn’t wait to see some pictures and make a start!

I received several great pictures of Bruce. One thing you should know about him is that as soon as you say ‘pose’ he does, he sits perfectly, head up, ready for his next photo opportunity! This meant the pictures I got of Bruce were perfect to work from, the hard part was which one to choose.

Bruce’s parents settled on a lovely picture of Bruce on a bridge, with his signature one ear up, tongue out pose, and I used the other photos (as I think you might have gathered, he’s not camera shy) to give me sense of his personality.

I always leave it up to the customer to choose whether they would like a full portrait of their four-legged friend or a close up of their face, after all purchasing a piece of art is such a personal thing, especially when it is of your beloved pet. Experience tells me that a close up of the face is better if you want more of their personality to show, it’s all about the eyes, and this allows me to really get close and add the detail that I need to.

A close up of Bruce is what his owners went for, and the finished result is below! You’ll have to judge for yourselves if you think I’ve managed to capture his personality…




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